Simple techniques for creating events that are very effective – Simon Thewlis 11th May Melbourne

Simon Thewlis "The reason why we are all here today is because the Victorian government didn’t value, respect or properly utilise the unique skills, experience and capabilities that Victoria’s event industry has"

Simon Thewlis is one of Melbourne’s most experienced and well known event producers. He will be a Keynote presenter at the Melbourne Executive PA Summit on the 11th May, where he will share some of the simple techniques for creating events that are very effective and that can create real change within organisations and their networks.

Simon has produced a vast range of events over the last few decades. From major public and entertainment based events through to a very wide range of business events – small and large. Events that produce practical outcomes such as changing the culture of organisations, getting buy-in for strategic initiatives, rewarding achievement, or changing public or political opinion. Simon has also consulted widely to major event companies, entertainment promoters and government.

Melbourne Executive PA Summit

11th May

Next Hotel Melbourne and Dexus Place

Light breakfast, lunch, refreshments and after networking drinks included, seminars and Keynote. Free to qualifying EAs. Some places still available

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