AIME announces new AIMEbassador program

AIME to introduce an event first program

What is an AIMEbassador I hear you ask? Well, the AIME Insider can reveal that this event-first has been inspired from the challenges of this year, including having to reimagine and rethink ways in which we connect.

The role of an AIMEbassador is to unite communities in coming together to help kick-start business in 2021 and beyond. Sharing their insights and expertise with the AIME community, they’re able to spark inspiration, creativity and really get people talking.

And, the best part about it? It could be someone you know! Stay tuned on AIME’s LinkedIn for the latest announcements, including Q&As and profiles on our AIMEbassasdors and their ideas on helping restore and revitalise the industry. Follow the AIME Insider for more updates on behind-the-scenes news, tips and odd happenings for the 2021 event.

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