Arinex expand digital conference solutions

Arinex eTechSuite eMeeting Booth
While the world continues to spin due to COVID-19, event management companies are reinforcing that 2021 will be the year of hybrid events. In 2020, long-standing Australian company Arinex re-engineered to incorporate a Digital Conference Organiser (DCO). It is obvious that the production of a virtual or hybrid event is radically underestimated. Indeed, the resources required have doubled, specialist I.T. is essential, sponsor and exhibition concepts have altered, and networking and engagement requires priority consideration and innovative thinking. A meeting via zoom has its place; however, professional conferences and corporate business events require a level of engagement and expertise from a DCO to deliver on education and return on investment. A DCO will provide 24/7 technical support and expertise for global connectivity and ensure value and consistency for clients and sponsors. Arinex has partnered with eTechSuite and are committed to digital event technology. eTechSuite provides 5 integrated or stand-alone products to ensure seamless and professional conference and event delivery that results in extensive ROI for clients. “It is assumed that an online event just needs a virtual platform. This assumption is far from reality and a virtual platform is just like a conference room. We all know that a conference room does not ensure a quality event and the actual event still requires conference expertise in event management,” says Nicole Walker, CEO of Arinex. “We are excited to be one of the leading DCO’s in Australia that can offer integrated technology and full or part-service end-to-end event management. eTechSuite provide clients with multiple platform options that have been tested by event managers and technicians to ensure seamless integration. This allows us to focus on what we do best: managing clients, sponsors and exhibitors and bringing innovative concepts and thinking to the new world of events.”
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