BECA puts recovery plan to government

The Business Events Council of Australia (BECA) has submitted a ‘Response & Recovery Framework’ to the government, requesting assistance to help the industry manage the impacts of Coronavirus.

The two-phase Framework is designed to help the MICE industry “rebound quickly and effectively” once the COVID-19 situation settles.

According to BECA, current government stimulus doesn’t cover all the losses felt by the business event industry.

“BECA developed the Framework by identifying key challenges facing our industry and, in particular, those gaps that are not alleviated or solved by the Government’s existing stimulus and support measures,” reads the BECA’s press release.

In the first phase, the Framework focuses on supporting MICE businesses during the pandemic— on filling up a pipeline of domestic business, reducing running costs and training employees.

The second phase focuses on the growth of the industry post-Coronavirus and concentrates on bringing in international business.

BECA is expecting to receive feedback from the Government in the coming days.

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