Corporate domestic events to lead MICE recovery – suggests BEA research

Latest Business Events Australia research to corporates indicates that more than two thirds will run the same or more events, post COVID

Business Events Australia reports that it has completed its first wave of research to gauge attitudes of Australian corporate decision makers towards restarting domestic business events. The findings suggest that Corporate Australia is keen to start meeting face to face again and rebuild the morale of their teams returning to the workplace.

There were 256 respondents and of those who stated they were planning events in the next eighteen months, 59% said that the main reason to hold their events would be to build team morale or connection.

Furthermore, of those respondents who usually organise overseas events, over three quarters (77%) stated that at least one of these events is likely to be relocated to Australia within the next 12 months.

Perhaps the most encouraging insight from the survey is that, despite the significant impact on revenue for much of corporate Australia, more than two thirds (67%) of the respondents believe their organisations will run the same, if not more events after the COVID-19 pandemic than before.

The research will help shape Business Events Australia’s domestic strategy and offers Australian industry insight to help shape business recovery plans.

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