Denmark ends pandemic – Expert compares to ‘political convenience’ of New Zealand plans

A medical expert with a successful YouTube channel has made a stark comparison between New Zealand’s COVID management and Denmark’s, which ended all its COVID related laws on 1st February.

Dr John Campbell is a retired Nurse teacher and A&E nurse living in England and has a worldwide following of 2.19 million people on his YouTube channel. He provides commentary on the pandemic and regularly interviews other respected medical experts.

He fails to understand the government’s gradual and slow opening of New Zealand’s borders, whilst “completely, utterly ignoring the nature of the virus”.

“You can’t have it suiting your political convenience” says Dr Campbell. “It doesn’t make any sense to me at all – the idea you can do this progressively takes no cognisance at all of the of the reality of the science of this virus as far as I can see.”

Dr Campbell observes that Denmark on the other hand, has put an end to all coronavirus related laws because they’ve recognised that the large number of Omicron cases doesn’t materially impact the rate of deaths. The country has taken a bipartisan and scientific approach to their management of the pandemic over the past two years and has one of the lowest death rates per capita in Europe.
Nightclubs and venues are now open and with no restrictions, people no longer have to wear masks and events can freely take place. COVID is no longer deemed a critical threat to society and Denmark is now back to normal.
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