Discover some of Melbourne’s secrets with all new e-guide

The Melbourne Convention Bureau recently launched a new interactive e-guide designed to connect event planners and delegates with some inspiring new and undiscovered experiences in the city. Brad Foster enjoyed a first-hand taste for Event Organisers…

I have to admit it, I love Melbourne. Born and bred in Sydney, I often think it has it all. Then I go to a conference or event in Melbourne and I know that’s really not true…

Melbourne is an uber-cool destination, even when you’re there for business. In fact, it’s one of the world’s greatest places to mix business with pleasure, thanks to its easy walking design and free tram services in its CBD.

An event organiser guide

Are you researching Melbourne for an upcoming meeting or event? Or have you already booked a space?

Wherever you’re planning, the Melbourne Convention Bureau has released one new piece of kit that will ensure that you or your client’s event attendees get the most out of the stay… The Melbourne e-guide, developed by the creative team at the bureau mid-pandemic and launched in early July.

I was lucky enough to join a fast-tracked half day tour to explore some of the information the e-guide offers. We hopped on a free tram and took the short journey to the impressive Hellenic Museum – celebrating ancient Greek history – and had lunch in the private dining room of the Europe-style bistro Chancery Lane. With Melbourne’s huge Greek population, the Hellenic Museum fits right in – and boasts some spaces event organiser will love. For intimate gatherings, check out the spectacular weatherproof marquee in the rear courtyard. It certainly provides something a little bit different.

Enjoying a breather, we stopped at Market Lane Coffee on Collins Street (well-known by locals), which I decided should be world famous after tasting their latte!

A tour of the historic Princess Theatre was followed by cocktail tasting in the Next Hotel’s dark and moody barrel room. Each delicious drink was paired with a mouthwatering appetizer and, afterwards, there was a sumptuous dinner in the property’s restaurant, La Madonna.

And guess what? Despite being to Melbourne over a dozen times these were places and experiences that I hadn’t had before.

Adding value to your event

Skimming through the e-guide, they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding things that can add an extra layer to your Melbourne conference or event.

During my last trip to Melbourne – in-between conference sessions – I took part in a laneways walking tour. And I have to say, it was superb. You’ll be guided through laneways of inner-city Melbourne and your guide will explain their history with a particular focus on the graffiti adorning the walls. If my memory serves me correctly, I’m pretty sure there was a Banksy artwork in amongst it all…

As the Melbourne Convention Bureau team explains, the new e-guide encourages both planners and delegates to rethink their next visit to Melbourne – and provides the opportunity to create custom conference and event participant tours. It even has a real-time directional feature accessible via mobile phones.

“From the inspirational articles and interviews with industry experts and packaged up accessible information, readers can learn about what’s new in our thriving city,” explains Julia Swanson, chief executive at Melbourne Convention Bureau. “The key to an extraordinary event is more than just getting the right venue and accommodation, it’s the connection between the event, the host city, and its exciting offerings.”

That is definitely true and so achievable in Melbourne because the city is so compact and visitor friendly.

How users interact with the e-guide will help direct future content, user interface and user experience functions – but don’t wait for that. Access your copy of the e-guide online and start planning your next business event experience in Melbourne.

Brad Foster has been a journalist covering the events sector for many years. He now works as a communications specialist with ICMSA, a writer, and just recently, a radio reporter