Go with Tourism launches free job connector service

Go with Tourism—a New Zealand government-funded initiative that recently pivoted from building the tourism workforce to supporting the industry—launched its ‘job connector’ to assist New Zealand employers with hiring displaced tourism talent.

Previously, Go with Tourism operated the job connector as a job search for the tourism and hospitality industry. Now, any business across any sector is encouraged to register to employ tourism workers.

The job connector matches job seekers with employers based on a job profile and a filtering system which allows hiring managers to narrow down their list of candidates.

Filters include level of work experience, qualifications, driving licenses, skills, interests and more.

Programme Director Matt Stenton says that they hope to redeploy close to 1500 individuals who have already reached out for help.

“By working directly with industries that are already hiring or expect to start hiring in Level 2, we can give our displaced tourism workers a better chance to find a new role,” Mr Stenton said.

“We have collaborated with several organisations so that our job search hub can serve as a one-stop-shop for jobseekers. Employers that register with us can post there for free and they can also search for and match with candidates through the job connector.”

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