Government acknowledges difference between business events and mass gatherings following BECA govenment talks

Business Events Council (BECA) Chair Vanessa Findlay. Photo: supplied.

Business Events Council (BECA) Chair Vanessa Findlay confirmed on Friday, there is now acknowledgement by the government of the difference between uncontrolled mass gatherings, and business events, which are controlled and provide far more safety measures.

This is a significant step and brings event organisers closer to getting back to work, as the lifting of restrictions on mass gatherings is likely only to occur in the last phase of recovery.

“Health and Safety has been central to discussions with government in the past week, about the opening of business events again.” Said Dr Findlay ahead of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s 2 pm briefing today.

Read more about Dr Findlay and BECA’s Business Events Response and Recovery Framework here, which outlines the industry’s request to the government.

Dr Findlay doesn’t expect business events to be included in the first phase of lifting of restrictions, but she said “After national cabinet today we will start to see an increasing clarity and tempo in the way restrictions will be managed.”

Good news for venues, suppliers and Events Organisers, all looking for indications of when to start rebuilding their sales leads and businesses.  “A higher level of predictability is important in business events because of the longer lead times,” said Dr Findlay.

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