How to re-engage your delegates in 2021 with immersive & interactive design

2021 brings the opportunity to reshape and redefine what connecting delegates, spaces and showcases can look like at conference or team day. The rise of interactive and immersive experiences has proven how clever experiences, creativity and technology can supercharge a delegate’s engagement at a conference or team event.

Paul will take you through what this evolution has been like and where the future might land. With a hands-on, game based team experience to bring this to life, this key note is designed to spark some imagination and creative thinking into what might be possible.

Paul has spearheaded the interactive and immersive design of the wildly successful Directors of the Extraordinary products for over 6 years. From large scale experiences that have taken over entire buildings and sites, to activations that add the ‘extra’ to an event, his knowledge of what works in these spaces makes him an expert in the field of interactive and immersive design.

The Event Organisers Summit is designed for you. We evaluate your needs and match you with only the most relevant suppliers so you can make connections that matter. These events are small (<60 pax), safe & targeted.

The one-day event includes tailored meetings, breakfast, lunch and post event drinks, with key-note speeches and intelligence briefings throughout the day to help keep you one step ahead in the business of event management.

The Brisbane Event Organisers Summit takes place on the 5th March at QUT Venue Collection Room Three Sixty

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