Hybrid events at JW Marriott Hong Kong

Even though borders may be shut, there are so many options to hold international events with the innovation of so many venues like JW Marriott Hotel HK

Meetings and events are a staple of the business world, yet face-to-face ones become challenging when social distancing measures are in place worldwide in response to the pandemic. While online meeting tools are popular with communications through screens, these tools cannot fully achieve the objective of holding an event, with presentations and interactions effectively created. As one of the best business and meeting hotels in Hong Kong, JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong proudly redefines and restores meaningful events by introducing hybrid meetings / events, the first-of-its-kind meeting solution among Hong Kong hotels with the integration of Extended Reality (xR), allowing virtual and face-to-face meetings / events happening at the same time in the hotel’s venues.

By building a specific xR stage, this technology allows participants to attend events both physically and virtually, bringing the hosts and participants into a fully immersive real-and-virtual combined worlds. With the advanced Hologram technology, participants who are not present physically at the venue can appear on the virtual xR stage vividly to interact with one another. Augmented reality (AR) 3D objects can also be manipulated on the xR stage in real time, allowing clients to put their products in the limelight with ease and showcase the features through live interactions. Essential tools necessary for meetings and events, such as PowerPoint presentation, video players and online meeting interface, can also be integrated into the technology.