If its good enough for the Boss is it good enough for us? Peter Jones

Peter Jones - There's a lot of resistance in other parts of the world to COVID passports as many are vehemently opposed to having something like this mandated

Does the introduction of COVID passports mark the beginning of the end of democracy and yet more liability & regulation for industries like the events sector? Or does it provide  an efficient route out of a pandemic that has claimed the lives of 4.3 million people?     

Peter Jones of Peter Jones Special Events gives his opinion on the pros and cons of the proposed Digital vaccination certificate, otherwise known as a COVID passport.


The big talking point around the world has just landed on our doorstep. First it was that you couldn’t get into a Bruce Springsteen concert without the jab, then it was Qantas, Wimbledon (vaccinated or negative test), Broadway shows and the Grand Prixs. Now even global corporations like Morgan Stanley are saying virtually the same thing.

The list keeps growing and now this [press release issued by Venues NSW] from Sydney:

“Australians will only be able to attend a major sporting event in Sydney from next year if they are vaccinated.”

“Vaccination passports will be a requirement to buy tickets for rugby league, AFL, cricket or any big events at major stadiums and suburban grounds. Venues NSW will seek government approval for the plan in coming weeks.”

The avalanche is starting to build, but how far will this go and will it ever become real in terms of our industry? Needless to say, there’s a lot of resistance in other parts of the world as many are vehemently opposed to having something like this mandated.

Whilst I respect everyone’s right to make a decision the question is, where do we draw the line that says we can’t run our businesses unless people who attend are be vaccinated to ensure the event can actually happen? I’m sure there are thousands of businesses in multiple sectors asking the same thing.

You would never have imagined a discussion about this two years ago, but the world is a different place and people are openly discussing it.

From my personal perspective I would support it – no issues – because the alternative is more of what we have right now and that’s an industry crippled. I know there is rapid fire testing but is that the long-term answer or a quick fix?

Not everyone will agree, but unless someone can show me another viable option then what is there to lose. It’s not just the event industry that would benefit but virtually everything we touch in our daily lives.  Would you get on a plane unsure if everyone was vaccinated, or sit next to someone in a theatre?

Let’s see what happens but the call for it will grow louder.

It’s probably the best time to be a lawyer, (rather than running events) and as the Boss famously sang “we were born to run” not born to live with continued lockdowns

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