Interview – ‘Travel agents are taking New Zealand off their brochures’

“It’s hard for the NZ team of 5 million (a term coined by PM Jacinda Ardern) to play against Team Covid-19 with the government as a referee who keeps moving the Goalposts”.

That’s the analogy made by Adam Leslie of 212F, as he talks about how New Zealand’s Managed Isolation System (MIQ) is not just impacting independent travellers, but also the ability of NZ Corporates to run their inbound and outbound business events.

Whilst this interview was conducted 5 days prior to the announcement of the easing of New Zealand’s border restrictions, this doesn’t change the fact that MIQ will still exist in some capacity and international travellers won’t be permitted any kind of free travel until May 2022.

Drawing from his 20 years experience of running business events, Leslie talks about how  Covid-19 and the New Zealand government’s responses to it, have catastrophically impacted the Business Events industry – to the point where some travel agents around the world are taking New Zealand off their 2022 brochures