New tech brings touch to virtual events 

Creative and event production agency, Fourth Wall, have whipped together a unique new event platform that brings physical elements into remote and virtual events.

The product, called EventCast, blends physical and digital experiences. Prior to the event, each house receives a ‘Tactile Experience Kit’ — with contents ranging from puzzles & activities to a set of ingredients for users participating in remote cooking classes.

Once the kit arrives, invitees log-in (or download an app) and begin interacting through EventCast’s software, which supports multiple live video streams, polls, Q&A’s, content and more. 

The team showcased the new product with a remote live event on Tuesday. Partnering with Deloitte Digital, Fourth Wall hosted a 90-minute masterclass on the combination of digital and tactile experiences, or as they like to call it, ‘Digitile’.

“We believe events are very much alive and happening, with a screen as the medium. IdeaStorm is our monthly Masterclass where we help our clients achieve more. This time, we used EventCast to achieve that based on tactile, interactive and immersive, and it certainly was! Game-changer was the main buzz word used and the team had a blast putting it together,” Fourth Wall founder, Jeremy Garling said.

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