New high performance digital events platform from MCEC

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) has announced the launch of a high-performance digital events platform.

The new platform is focused on encouraging collaboration, no matter where attendees are in the world. This includes multi-speaker presentations, keynotes, workshops, virtual breakout spaces, Q&As and networking. The lifespan of the event is also extended, with recordings available post-event.

MCEC claim that the platform goes above and beyond anything else available on the market, with each event assigned a dedicated digital event manager, an award-winning team of inhouse techsperts, flexible staging options and ultra-fast secure internet infrastructure to create a unified experience between in-person and online audiences.

Chief Executive MCEC Peter King said “It has never been more crucial than right now, in the ever-evolving event landscape, to be able to connect and maintain global relationships and we are proud to be able to offer this in a single, combined platform.”

“It is no longer realistic for an event to be solely in-person or online and we saw a need for this combined approach without compromising the quality of the delivery, so no matter where people are, they can have the same level of participation in the event.” Said King.