Our own Event Organiser spills the beans on the next Summit

More energy at the end of the day than when we started

The Summits are one of those events where people passing by stop me to ask, “that looks cool, what is it?”

Amber Stanley, Event Organiser, from Executive PA Media has been working on the Summit event series with Executive PA Media. She tells us more about what to expect at the Sydney Event Organisers Summit on 15th August 2023.

Amber Stanley continues…

I proudly produce and coordinate the Summit Series for Executive PA Media around Australia and New Zealand. I work closely with the Director, Russell Peacock, to create one-day events that specifically curate an experience which has equal value to both the supplier and the delegate.

It’s amazing that an event with incredibly positive feedback and I really enjoy seeing professional relationships connect and develop. The amount of business generated is substantial and I’ve seen proposals and site inspections be scheduled within a 10 minute meeeting.

I am really excited for the Sydney Event Organisers Summit taking place on 15th August 2023. Not only because I genuinely enjoy putting the day together but because our host, Western Sydney Conference Centre, in Penrith is launching their space just in time for the Summit. I completed a site inspection of the space last week and it’s great to see the care and attention to detail put into a conference space. I also met some of the staff around the venue who were polishing fresh glassware and eager to tell me about their passion and vision for the space.

I would really encourage Event Organisers, PCOs, event responsible EAs and PAs and Event Producers, who are looking to create a premium vendor list to apply to attend.

Here’s what to expect:

Venue: Western Sydney Conference Centre, Penrith, NSW
When: Tuesday 15th August 2023
Time: 10:30am-4:30pm (Approx)
Cost: Free to attend for qualifying delegates
Catering: Provided

  • Be matched with 6-8 meetings with suppliers, based on your professional requirements.
  • Attend up to 5 Speaker engagements (free) and ask questions in a safe, unintimidating environment.
  • Tours of the Western Sydney Conference Centre and Pullman Sydney Penrith, who both share the same address. When I say these venues are newly opened…we really are their first event.

Keynote Speaker
Simon Doble, Global CEO & Founder, SolarBuddy
Summit Partner
Simon discusses how event engagement and team building has a place in global charitable initiatives. In 7 years and over $100millon of charitable funds raised, Simon shares the highs and lows of wanting to make the world a better place through education.

Keynote Speaker
Ray Good, Found, The Good Place
Before finding a good place, Ray’s international DJ career took him to some other places that left him feeling burnt out. At a recent Summit in Melbourne, Ray shared his vulnerabilities and how they have become his strengths. He believes you have the same strengths.

Guest Speaker
Nigel Collin, Founder, ‘Gap Hunter’
Finding gaps has empowered ‘Gap Hunter’ participants to identify between $30,000 and $1,000,000 of potentially missed revenue and savings. Nigel teaches workshop attendees how to find those gaps without burning out yourself and your team in a “game of inches”.

I really hope I see your application to attend come through and I get to share these resources with you.

Ps: you know it’s a good event when I nearly forget to write that there’s a $1000 cash draw prize


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