Overseas arrivals to quarantine in Australian hotels

The Federal Government is forcing all international arrivals to Australia to quarantine in hotels, with some escorted by military personnel.

This latest measure to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus may double as a much-needed boost to the hotel industry.

Passengers arriving at any port will be escorted to a nearby hotel or accommodation and forced to quarantine for 14 days, regardless of what their end destination may be.

The arriving passengers will not be obliged to pay for food or accommodation while in forced quarantine.

More than two-thirds of Australia’s cases (so far) are from overseas arrivals, and according to PM Scott Morrison, “the single most important thing we can do is completely stop the capacity for any returning traveller transmitting the virus.”

This policy has been welcomed by industry bodies—who are keen to play a role in the containment of the virus.

“Hotels across Australia have the capacity to play a central role in ensuring guests and local residents arriving into Australia are quarantined effectively, which will help arrest the spread of COVID-19,” Tourism Accommodation Australia’s Michael Johnson said.

“The Accommodation Association was inundated this week with members wanting to do their part to help Australia navigate this health crisis. All Governments have put out the call and our sector is responding so Australia can get through this as we stop the spread,” Accommodation Association CEO, Dean Long said.