Summit success in three cities – Auckland next

The Event Organisers Summit Roadshow began on the 5th March and the final event in this series will take place in Auckland on the 29th June.

So far, event organisers and suppliers in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne have networked & talked business, and these summits are the first events for the meetings community to have taken place in each city for over a year.

Event organisers in all three cities are now placing long lead business, with many looking to deliver events with unusually short lead times.

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What the delegates said.

Brisbane – 5th March at QUT Venue Collection Room Three Sixty

Blandine Cousin Events Project Manager APNIC. “Keynote Speaker Brooke Hanson was awesome and very inspiring, well done on securing her participation! Thank you for the invitation.”

Barbara Johnson Member Services & Events Manager at Lifecorp Street Smart Property Investing. “Great to be face to face and have quality conversations.”

Sydney – 30th March at Stadium Australia

Natalie Young of event management company Key Society. “It was a great opportunity to meet face to face at pre-agreed times, which allowed for greater interaction with the suppliers. I did like the use of the virtual meetings platform for those suppliers who were unable to attend due to the restrictions in place. Stadium Australia was perfect for this event and not only was it easily accessible, but we also had a great outlook onto the pitch.

Evan Powis of Evan Powis Entertainment. “I really liked having the event at stadium Australia as I wasn’t aware of the different event spaces and opportunities to hold different events there. I really enjoyed the backstage tour of the players change rooms and having access to the sporting ground. That was unexpected and very exciting – not something you normally get to do!

Images on the day
Monique Perera of Camera Creations captured the day in Sydney with some great images. If you attended you can check if you’re in some of them here.

If you would like non watermarked photos please give Monique a call on 0419 165 152 or send a message via her website

Melbourne 20th April Eureka 89

Sam Tram Director at Uplift Events. “A well organised and enjoyable event. Great speakers and lots of useful information.  Great food and venue.”

Bentleigh Gibson Project & event manager at the Australian Association of Social Workers. “Very well organised and structured, the pairings with suppliers was clearly thought out to match the needs of buyers. Great venue and great food.”

Sharon Rivett executive assistant to the Managing Director at Arisit. “A great day. I met with useful suppliers and I definitely will be using them in the near future. I also met and made some great networking contacts. thank you for the invitation!”

Sujoy Dey Managing Director at CIMGlobal Australasia. “I had no expectation when I arrived, but I left with an exhilarated feeling that these Summits go a long way to open up the Industry to gain meaningful networking to business opportunities. Thank you for inviting me.”

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