Survey asks corporates when they plan to organise events

Executive PA Media's Business Recovery Report will reveal when corporate event organisers and EAs will start booking events again.

While the MICE industry is pushing to have events green-lit by governments, Executive PA Media—an outlet & membership organisation for Executive Assistants (EAs)—is asking their network if they plan on booking events in the near future.

With venues and event suppliers looking to open their doors as soon as possible, Executive PA Media’s COVID Impact Survey will gauge if EAs and corporate event organisers are willing to make the critical bookings needed to fill business pipelines.

The survey will reveal what size events EAs and businesses are planning, what type of events will be the first to return, and when interstate and international travel will take-off—among other insights.

The audience will be surveyed in three phases, with one round of questions each month, to get a clear picture of how EAs and the corporate world feel about meeting in person as restrictions lift.

Once collated, the insights will be published in the Business Recovery Report, which will be circulated through the MICE industry.