Tourism industry pushes for a slice of $60 billion Jobkeeper leftovers

The tourism industry "welcomes suggestions" some of the $60 billion budget leftovers can be used to support the industry.

The Australian Tourism Industry Export Council (ATEC), have released a statement suggesting the Federal Government should support the tourism industry with unallocated funds from the Jobkeeper scheme.

Earlier this month, the government found they had overestimated the cost of the Jobkeeper scheme by $60 billion, leaving many wondering where the extra money can—or will—be spent to support the economy.

ATEC “has welcomed suggestions” that a share of the leftovers should be used to support the tourism—and therefore, business event—industry, which has been one of the hardest-hit by travel and social restrictions.

“Export tourism has been the hardest hit export industry this year. From the bushfires which saw our peak tourist season disappear to the fact we will not see any international visitors before next Summer, 2020 will be remembered as the year from hell for export tourism,” said ATEC Managing Director, Peter Shelley.

“Tourism is a huge part of Australia’s economy and export tourism has been one of our strongest growth industries over the past decade, delivering more than $45 billion in visitor spending last year—it’s an industry we can’t afford to lose.”

“For the thousands of export tourism businesses who are ATEC members, and the entire tourism industry, the suggestion of additional support provides those businesses greater confidence to keep going and ride out their toughest year.”

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