Victoria freedom roadmap drops COVID zero ambitions

On Sunday and against a backdrop of mass anti lockdown protests and violence just the day before, Victoria’s Premier Dan Andrews announced his government’s pathway out of lockdown and easing of restrictions.

“While we’re no longer aiming for COVID zero, it’s imperative we don’t jeopardise our health system as we open up – too many Victorians rely on it every day.” Said Premier Andrews.

Once Victoria achieves a target of 70% fully vaccinated of the eligible population, the number of people allowed at public gatherings outdoors, funerals, weddings and religious gatherings, will increase. Entertainment venues and hospitality will open with limited numbers and density, but only to people who are fully vaccinated.

Simon Thewlis founder of advocacy group Save Victorian Events said “We can finally confirm that 5 people are allowed at an event venue – including a business/conference venue or facility or a virtual event studio – to broadcast an event. It can be a business event or a music or entertainment event or the like.”

Thewlis acknowledges that the figure is very low, but he believes the roadmap shows a greater understanding within the Victorian government of the importance of events (including virtual events) to aid organisations engage with their teams and customers.

“While we’d prefer more people to be allowed, this is a start which will help more virtual events to happen until the next stage of opening up.  We will certainly be continuing to work to try to get the numbers increased.” Said Thewlis.

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