Victoria’s COVID event insurance – Has Santa delivered in time for Christmas?

Ms Lovett’s and Mr Jones’ appointments fill two vacant positions, following the departures of Marie Jackson and Sandra Anderson from the Trust, who have completed their terms

So, it’s finally arrived just in time for Christmas. But what sort of present is it?

My best summation is it’s the great new jacket but deep down you know you might not wear it all the time. There are so many scenarios of what is covered and what might not be, to mention here but the main take from my perspective is it’s designed for events of a public nature such as festivals and concerts.

However, the main exclusion is one that will impact many of us – private, commercial and business events such as product launches, sales & sponsorship events are not covered. That’s a big one and I would say that makes up over 70% of the types of events we undertake.

Weddings are also excluded, so that will impact many suppliers who rely on that market.

So as the VMIA representative said “It’s not right for everyone” and that’s the general response from the industry.

I believe it is fairly priced, but again a risk and reward scenario that will eventually end up with the client having to pay more to cover it. I also think it is going to be a bit of ‘suck it and see’ and that we are all going to learn from the experience of those who will register for it upfront. I hope there will be some form of ongoing communication in relation to this.

As long as the program can help, even one event go ahead that may have been hesitant, then it’s worth it.

Only time will tell if Santa’s visit has been a winner.

Peter Jones – Peter Jones Special Events


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