Event Organisers Summit

Brisbane 22nd February | Auckland 5th April 2022 | Melbourne 7th June | Sydney 11th August


22 February 2022: The Tivoli


5 April 2022: Hilton Auckland


7 June 2022: Venue to be confirmed


11 August: 2022: Venue to be confirmed


Cam Calkoen: Auckland

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Cam was born with Cerebral Palsy and was told from a young age that there were many things he wouldn’t be able to do. Rather than focus on the ‘can’t do’s’ in life he decided to dream big.

Cam is a living example that life is what we make it and will be a Keynote presenter at the Summit. Walk away from Cams session feeling good and wonderfully inspired – something we all need this year!

Jordana Borensztajn: Communication & Connection


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Jordana is an expert in social media, marketing and communications—helping people deliver messages with impact.

In this crazy world of hashtags, likes, algorithms and selfies, it’s more important than ever to understand the true value of human connections. A consummate communicator and a master of the art of personal connection, Jordana channels her multitalented background as a journalist, comedian and lion tamer to help generations connect.

Brooke Hanson


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Swimming star Brooke Hanson OLY OAM, an Olympic gold and silver medallist, remains one of Australia’s most recognised Olympians. Brooke is a professional motivational keynote speaker, master of ceremonies, television and radio presenter and a healthy active mother.

Her extraordinary personal journey makes audiences smile, laugh, cry and leaves individuals inspired to live a purpose driven life. She shares how to embrace what’s important through passion, purpose, love, leadership and finding internal strength to persevere in the face of your biggest challenges.

Sebastian Ennis: Event Production – Congress Rental


We teach you how you can improve the quality and safety of your hybrid events and meetings with actionable tips. Learn how to maximise the effectiveness of online channels while encouraging the return of in-person attendance.

Paul Shathovskoy

Directors of the Extraordinary: Immersive experiences for your delegates


From large scale experiences that have taken over entire buildings and sites, to activations that add the ‘extra’ to an event, his knowledge of what works in these spaces makes Paul an expert in the field of interactive and immersive design.

2021 brings the opportunity to reshape and redefine what connecting delegates, spaces and showcases can look like at conference or team day. The rise of interactive and immersive experiences has proven how clever experiences, creativity and technology can supercharge a delegate’s engagement at a conference or team event. Paul will take you through what this evolution has been like and where the future might land. With a hands on, game based team experience to bring this to life, this key note is designed to spark some imagination and creative thinking into what might be possible.

Christian “Boo” Boucousis: performance


Boo was a fighter pilot for 11 years before becoming a successful entrepreneur and published author.

Boo is the product of a $15 million training program that pushed him to the limit of mental and physical performance. He will share with you, the tactics he used every day to achieve a consistent mission success rate of 98%, so you can apply these to your own events.

Sabina Vitacca: Mindfulness


Feeling tired, anxious and under-performing at work due to being overwhelmed and stressed should not be accepted as the norm.

Over the last 10 years, Sabina has helped 100’s of professionals to become more present in their day-to-day life through her workshops and one-on-one Meditate Now program.

With a passion and drive to help people feel less stressed and frustrated, make better decisions, and feel less overwhelmed Sabina is improving workplaces one professional at a time.

Nigel Collin: Game of Inches

Melbourne | Brisbane | Sydney

Nigel is a change and leadership expert who will show you how to make change happen through small consistent steps.

As founder of ‘Ingenious OZ Project’ and author of ‘game of Inches’, Nigel has interviewed 100s of successful leader and entrepreneurs. The one element they all share has nothing to do with ‘big’ ‘revolutionary’ changes that many see unachievable. Their success stems from empowering their people to consistently act on making small changes.

Adam Elliot: Uniquely Australian Inspirational Story


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Adam is not only the Academy Award winning Animator of Harvie Krumpet, but also one of Australia’s funniest, unique, refreshing speakers and after dinner raconteurs. A classic underdog tale, he has told his witty and inspiring life story to over 500 groups here and abroad.

Julian Mather: Video presentation


Ex army sniper, TV cameraman, magician and smart video expert Julian Mather will explain all the tricks to unleashing your inner video star. Video presenting is the new normal. Even the most humble staff member can overcome their fear of the camera or the sound of their own voice – and truly shine with confidence. What’s stopping you from becoming Fearless & Famous?

Meet on your terms


The Event Organisers Summit is designed for you. We evaluate your needs and match you with only the most relevant suppliers so you can make connections that matter. These events are small (<100 pax), safe & targeted.

The one-day event includes tailored meetings, breakfast, lunch and post event drinks, with key-note speeches and intelligence briefings throughout the day to help keep you one step ahead in the business of event management. You will also be one of a limited number of VIP delegates which means you will be looked after. Possibly the best day’s investment you are likely to make this year, and its completely free.


Dates coming soon


Dates coming soon


25th November 2021 Hilton Auckland


22nd February 2022

It was a great opportunity to meet new suppliers. I learned a lot and will take this back to the team.

Loved the one to one presentations. Good format, presentations and networking opportunities.

The meetings were well matched and will lead to new business relationships in the future.

The most tailored event you will ever attend


We understand that your time is limited and precious, so we ensure that you will receive a premium return on your investment. We will source and qualify event industry buyers who have projects in the pipeline and want to meet with you, and then we put them in touch with you.

It can take months of research, emails and phone calls to arrange and organise three days of back to back meetings. We handle all that and deliver the experience in just one day, which frees you to meet valuable new clients and build better business relationships. These events are small (<100 pax), safe & targeted.

It couldn’t be easier, just turn up on the day with your laptop and business cards and we will do the rest.

Call: +61 (0) 7 3418 5626